Veterinary Hospital Email Newsletters

Be Memorable to Your Clients

Keep your practice and your hospital services fresh in the minds of your clients.

How does an email newsletter work for you? Something like this: By sending your clients and prospective clients a regular veterinary email newsletter, you keep your practice and your hospital services fresh in their minds. So, the next time they need any kind of veterinary service, they think of you first. In fact, as they continue to receive your hospital's email newsletter, they think of you as the only hospital for veterinary services.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Benefits of a Veterinary Email Newsletter

  • Inexpensive client communication tool
  • Drive pet owners to your website and your hospital
  • Attract new clients who have pets
  • Build a bond with your hospital clients
  • Provide hospital news and updates to all pet owners
  • Best results when combined with direct mail

Call VetNetwork to Get Started on your Email Marketing Campaign

The creative staff at VetNetwork has the knowledge and technology to manage all aspects of your veterinary hospital's email newsletter. VetNetwork can design your newsletter, write your articles, and send it to your database of subscribers. We can also create a sign-up box on your homepage so website visitors can also receive your newsletter.

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Why wait any longer to send out your veterinary practice newsletter? It's so easy when you partner with VetNetwork. Call us at 800-564-4215 or contact us online today to learn more!